Conference – mission statement

The Future’s Rhythmic Inspiration
and the Relational Turn of the Human Being.

Our embodied presence is not only the human way of coming into being, it is the highest level of being connected with the world. Relating to ruangrupa it is humans who enact form into space through their bodily existence in a very basic manner. They walk into an open space, their connection with the earth oscillating between being attracted and getting upright. They share the same story and they have a collective experience of resonance.

Young people can hear in this oscillation the beats of the future, they can hear the future’s rhythmic inspiration. While they are writing their own life, they experience that they are also being written by a future coming into being and meeting them. They live in an atmosphere of pre-sensing the future.

In education those beats are able to form an underlying sound in a space of shared encounter: with the appearances and phenomena of nature, with the cultural signatures of time, and through creative work. These beats, if successfully accomplished, allow students and course leaders to enact together a deep relationship. This relational turn of the human being will be the focus point of the conference.

Can education be shaped in a way that it nurtures a dialogical attitude which allows us to experience, as a gift, the wonder of what comes to fruition in the world? This gift would not only belong to us – it would belong to the world of which we are a part, too.

In terms of phenomenological anthropology the symposium’s view at Bildung and the human condition will be discussed in a specific way: How can students be enabled to transform in the progression of their learning from a 1st person perspective approach to a 3rd person perspective approach in a participatory way? – In a way that the implicit might become explicit. How do have courses to be shaped that, through the completion of a change of perspective, the inner space of bodily resonance becomes the outer resonance body of discursive symbolic meaning?

The goal is to connect the objective consciousness of human beings in their presentative and discursive symbolic forms with the changes of perspective that occur when the human being forms a relationship to its immediate experience. On this basis artificial pedagogical performances can still be authentic. The pedagogically-activated space becomes an authentic space.